BIG TIDE - Hide Me In Your Spaceship TURN61D


Liverpool-born musician Ben Thomas’ new Leeds-based band Big Tide has announced the release of new single “Hide Me In Your Spaceship” to land on November 30th.

“Sure I’ll miss my family but I can’t stand this torturous town/I don’t care if we’re floating around ‘cause Gravity is dragging me down” Thomas sings in his signature northern vocal style as his 12-string guitars and acoustic strums take you on a journey into the cosmos. Taking influence from Big Star and Teenage Fanclub
“Hide Me In Your Spaceship” is a lovely little pop song about yearning to leave your hometown - something we can all relate to.

“A compact mini-epic 'Hide Me In Your Spaceship' is a stellar dose of imaginative guitar pop, with the guitar lines sounding like David Crosby left to go rogue in Birkenhead. It's a fun, love-lorn hymn, a neat encapsulation of what makes Big Tide such a wonderful, talented group.” Clash Music


  1. Hide Me In Your Spaceship
Pressing Information

digital only taster from Big Tide's forthcoming album "Sync Or Swim", to be released in April 2019 on A TURNTABLE FRIEND RECORDS