PAUL DEN HEYER - Everything So Far TURN66


"This is truly a beautiful record. It’ll definitely be the most chilled out album of the year!
It’s uplifting and thoughtful though there is tinge of sadness too. Mainly I would describe it lyrically as thankful to the earth and sun for having us around for a bit" - Dave Dix, producer (Alison Moyet, Black, Bat For Lashes)

Liverpool’s Paul Den Heyer: after auditioning for Magazine and Spizz Energi and playing in a string of local bands, the initial fifteen minutes finally came in the 90s with Fishmonkeyman. Probably best known for the indie-hit If I've Told You Once which led to deals with Warners and Virgin Music and put the band on TV, radio and the road.

More recently known as producer for Sunstack Jones and member of The Red Sided Garter Snakes with ex-members of The Chameleons, Bauer, Puressence and Inspiral Carpets. Everything So Far is the first release under his own name, made with the help of good friends and featuring songs recorded in summertime on the leisure peninsula.

With hints to Mojave3 (Neil Halstead - Slowdive) or Mazzy Star, even The Byrds shine through, Paul Den Heyer creates moody acoustic landscapes and melodic miniatures with fantastic harmonies and a rich set of instrumentation. He describes the style as "Britanicana“ and indeed his music blends British folk songwriting with 60s/70s American psych-Pop.


  1. Technicolor Summer Sunshine
  2. Clear Sunlight View
  3. Illusions Shine Like Gold
  4. Unfolding (Revisited)
  5. Money Cloud
  6. Passing Of The Season
  7. Home Song
  8. End Of The Summer
  9. Everything So Far
Pressing Information

- 150 copies of clear sunlight view colored vinyl - matching nicely with the front cover - comes with lyric sheet
- 150 copies on black vinyl with lyric sheet
- limited (non-jewel case) gatefold sleeve with lyrics