BIG TIDE - Sync Or Swim TURN62


“A stellar dose of imaginative guitar pop, with the guitar lines sounding like David Crosby left to go rogue in Birkenhead. It's a fun, love-lorn hymn, a neat encapsulation of what makes Big Tide such a wonderful, talented group” – Clash Music

"Thomas’ tongue-in-cheek lyrics and dry sense of humour take mundane, everyday scenarios and paint them into vivid, amusing pictures” – Paste Music

"The pleasantly ambling “Wrong Number” kicks off with a jauntily strutting drum beat, then rolls into a mellifluous guitar line touched with a sleek twang, a run of low-key bass, and quickly-moving sing-talking vocals. The bucolic retro-pop opens up on the chorus with wordless vocal harmony uplift" – Big Takeover Magazine

"Lushly gorgeous... The sound is exquisite and immediately brings to mind bands such as the Byrds, the Icicle Works, the Rain Parade and Guadalcanal Diary... Who thought that the new Paisley Underground could come out of Leeds?" – Norman Records

This release follows the earlier release of two singles previewing the album ('Hide Me In Your Spaceship' and 'When The Tide Turns'), as well as the debut 12-inch single 'Half The Time', released in 2017.

Thomas sings in his signature northern vocal style whilst shimmering 12-string guitars form the cornerstone of the Big Tide sound. Coupled with Ben’s idiosyncratic lyrics and unique delivery, this music presents a great find from Northern England.

Taking influence from bands like Big Star and Teenage Fanclub, Big Tide's music blends elements from ‘60s power pop like The Byrds and ‘70s folk rock espoused by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young to create music that is original while somehow feeling familiar.


  1. The Crash
  2. Hide Me In Your Spaceship
  3. Wrong Number
  4. Make A Baby
  5. You Can't Live Your Life On An Email
  6. Half The Time
  7. Sync Or Swim
  8. Thirst For The Limelight
  9. When The Tide Turns
  10. I Could Walk Away
Pressing Information

limited edition black vinyl with gatefold sleeve with lyric sheet
limited edition (non-jewel case) gatefold sleeve CD with lyrics