TEA - Everybody´s Happy Sometimes TURN52


TEA's "lost album" that never saw the light of day when it was supposed to be (around 1999/2000). Now finally (bad conscience beckons...) it is about to be unleashed.

15 tracks split over four sides of tasty orange vinyl in high quality pressing (DMM vinyl cutting!) in full colour gatefold sleeve - edition of 300 copies
includes free digital download

15 tracks on CD in full colour cardboard gatefold sleeve - edition of 500 copies
includes free digital download

-Digital Download-
15 tracks as digital download only plus artwork

As already shown on their previous 10" and CD EP, TEA blends guitar driven indie-POP, "alternative", electronics and dancey bits as only they seem capable of. This album for sure has stood the test of time...

The tracks:
1) Intro
2) Token Happy Song
3) 6.30am
4) Worries Of A Simple Man
5) Hiding Place
6) There Are Things
7) In Yr Room
8) At The Bottom Of Broadway
9) Turn Off The World
10) It's A Good Day
11) Breathing (LP Mix)
12) Anywhere But Here
13) Bus People
14) We're The Astral Love Police And This Is A Bust (alternative version)
15) Harbour Song

Special notice
Hate crime is something experienced by too many people today.
Any profits from this record will be donated to Stop Hate UK

Pressing Information

- orange double 12" vinyl in full colour gatefold cover, limited edition of 300 copies
- CD comes in full colour cardboard gatefold cover (no jewel case), pressing of 500 copies

The cover is used courtesy of Philipp Jordan (Teddies In Space) - thanks for your permission !!!