BOYRACER - We Are Made Of The Same Wood 10" album (green vinyl) TURN24


One of their finest moments with the classic line-up of Stew, Matty, Nicola and Ged, released in 1995 after their first tour of the US (Oct/Nov 1994)

1) Twisted Love
2) Superhip
3) You're Breaking His Heart
4) Area 51 Revisited
5) Finger Pie
6) Post Modernist Retro Bullshit
7) Bring Me The Hair Of Phil Oakey
8) Vitamin B
9) Michael
10) In Love With These Times
11) Your Darker Secrets
12) Serious Teeth

Pressing Information

- limited 10" LP on green vinyl - comes together with the legendary TURN23F flexi ("Electricity" and "Sex" in a live version)
- the CD was released by Slumberland Records (cat# SLR048)