TEA - Kitty Kitty Anglegrinder 4-track 10" EP TURN25


Very surely the best purveyors of POP from the Isle of Man, TEA have history back into 1989/1990 when singer Phil was part of Colon (post-punk band and John Peel favourites). This EP has TEA's trademark mix of electronics and acoustics. "It's A Good Day" is like a love child of The Beloved and Aphex Twin....

1) It's A Good Day
2) Slates (for Shed)
3) Don't Ask
4) A53 Northbound

Pressing Information

very last copies of TEA´s debut release, a 10" EP consisting of 4 tracks (original planning was 7 tracks but 3 got lost in German - Czech translation problem with the pressing plant...);
on maroon/burgundy coloured vinyl, released in 1996