EASY - Magic Seed TURN53


The remastered re-release of Easy's classic debut album (originally released in 1990 on Blast First Records UK and worldwide) with 6 bonus tracks.
The album was a massive success, even outselling label mates Sonic Youth "Evol" at the time.

Now released for digital download for the first time, physical versions are available as 10-track vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve (incl the 16-track CD) and as gatefold CD with 16-tracks.

"Cloud Chamber" is released as single and video.

Track listing:
Castle Train
He Brings The Honey
Cloud Chamber
Dam - Sugar
On A Sunny Day
Land Diving
Between John & Yoko
Pleasure Cruise
Magic Seed
Apples For You
Flamingo V
Number 25
Snake Charmer
Horoscope (Daniel Miller Mix)
Come Find The Horses (Demo)

Pressing Information

strictly limited to 500 copies in gatefold sleeve (incl the CD in neutral sleeve)

double fold-out sleeve with all 16 tracks