BRADFORD - Thirty Years Of Shouting Quietly TURN55


A great lost English classic, "Shouting Quietly" is re-released in a mildly remastered version, preserving all of the great production work of Stephen Street.
In addition to the 11 tracks of the original album, this release adds further single A-/B-sides plus several rare and unreleased demo tracks.
30 tracks in total to celebrate the 30th anniversary of BRADFORD's debut single "Skin Storm", the first ind(i)ependently released CD single.
It is of course featured on this compilation - as is "In Liverpool", the band's second single and their first release for Stephen Street's Foundation Label.
"In Liverpool" also serves as a taster for the album with its release in digital format for the first time on iTunes, Amazon etc on Dec 8th 2017.
It is backed by a reworked version of the original video (excellently prepared by David Janes -

"In Liverpool" is released as single and video.


  1. Greed And Peasant Land
  2. To Have And To Hurt
  3. Gang Of One
  4. Always Torn
  5. Lust Roulette
  6. Adrift Again
  7. Radio Edna
  8. Everything At Once
  9. Gary's Going Down
  10. Skin Storm
  11. A Wounding
  12. In Liverpool
  13. Boys Will Be Boys
  14. The Loss
  15. A Pint Of Bitterness
  16. Tattered Tangled And Torn (Stephen Street version)
  17. Headful Of Dreadful (Stephen Street demo for album)
  18. Saturday Insanity (Elephant Studios version)
  19. Laughing Larry's (Demo, Village Studios)
  20. Gatling Gun (Strawberry Studios version)
  21. Quality Of Mercy ( Strawberry Studios version)
  22. Here Endeth The First Lesson (Stephen Street demo for album)
  23. Little Boy Lost (Stephen Street demo for album)
  24. Hard Feelings (Stephen Street demo for album)
  25. Lift Your Eyes To Where She Dwells (Demo Square One Studios)
  26. Fallen Open (Demo Square One Studios)
  27. Swim (Castleford demo)
  28. The Swing Of Things (Castleford demo)
  29. Gang Of One Revisited (Stephen Street)
  30. Skin Storm (original single version)
Pressing Information

Vinyl : 500 copies on double vinyl in gatefold sleeve featuring 21 tracks (11 tracks of the original album plus "In Liverpool", "Skin Storm (original single version) plus B-sides, rare studio demos and unreleased.
Booklet with extensive liner notes by Fergal Kinney (Louder Than War) and lyrics for all 30 tracks. A download is included as well for all 30 tracks

CD : double CD in gatefold sleeve with 30 tracks (details above) and 24 page booklet