Mars won't save us. Mars has no air.

The 4 track 'Mars EP' by The Room in the Wood comprises three new songs and an extra track from their debut album released earlier this year.
Lead track 'Mars (Won’t Save Us)' is a riff-based psyche rocker focussed on the foolishness of Elon Musk’s ideas about colonising the Red Planet. 'No green there and no blue there, just yellow and red there.' It is accompanied by a psychedelic video composition by ex-Send No Flowers and Moongoose collaborator Mark Jordan.
'Time Machine', a another vaguely SF rumination, is a pop classic from The Room in the Wood album and will be accompanied by a video of the band shot, edited and 'artified' by Marco Cesare who made videos for luminaries such as Shack, Holly Johnson and the Blow Monkeys back in the 80s.
'Every Lie' is a bluesy, countrified stomper bemoaning the rise of the populist right, and inspired by the late great Johnny Cash. ‘Stupid Nazi thugs hang out with tweedy Brexit gammon and blonde blimps mainline hatred to the storm troopers of mammon.'
And 'Get Clear' is a Spanish guitar tinged ballad extolling the virtues of escaping cult thinking.


  1. Mars (Won't Save Us)
  2. Time Machine
  3. Every Lie
  4. Get Clear
Pressing Information

Limited to 100 copies